Doing Business with
Graycer Precision Products

We are glad you have chosen to explore doing business with Graycer Precision Products. We recognize the need for competitive pricing and the requirements needed to maintain an effective business partnership that encompasses quality, reliability, integrity and environmentally responsible business practices. Our solid financial stability provides us with the ability to purchase and utilize the most modern equipment tailored to the needs of our customers. We carry an extensive amount of raw material and finished goods.

Stenographic and clerical errors are subject to correction. Orders/contracts are subject to acceptance at seller’s office.
Unless specified buyer agrees to accept over/under runs not to exceed 10% of ordered quantity on each line item.
Orders may be cancelled or deliveries deferred only upon condition that the buyer assumes immediate liability and makes payment for all work completed and in process. Such charges shall include raw material, unamortized tooling, engineering, handling, overhead, and production costs. Such charges to be determined at time of cancellation or deferment.

Seller shall not be liable for damages for default or delay in production or delivery for causes beyond his control including an accident to or breakdown of his equipment, labor disputes, embargoes, acts of God, supplier delays, government restrictions, riot or carrier delays. Bulk packaging is standard. Buyer shall bear the expense of all other packaging.
All sale and/or use taxes and Custom duties imposed by Federal, state, county or municipal authority upon seller’s transfer and delivery of merchandise hereunder shall be paid by the buyer.
If requested, seller will submit samples for approval when commencing production upon any order. It is understood his machines are to be run immediately. Any changes in original specifications will be made only at buyer’s direction and expense. Seller will be notified immediately with notice followed by written confirmation.

In all claims for shortages, buyer must notify seller within 15 days of receipt of shipment. Charges for repair or inspection of parts by buyer, without prior authorization, cannot be honored. Claims will not be honored on those parts further processed by buyer resulting in change of dimensions or characteristics from parts ordered.
Tools, dies, gages, fixtures are an integral part of the manufacturing process and included in engineering charges. As a proprietary item, payment by the buyer, whether separately quoted or not, conveys neither ownership or the right of removal from the seller’s plant.
The products hereunder are manufactured in accordance with the buyer’s specifications and design. Accordingly, buyer shall defend and save harmless vendor from all damages, claims, actions or suits based upon actual or alleged infringement of any patent registered in the U.S. or elsewhere. Indemnity shall include attorney’s fees and other costs in defending such claim.

Seller warrants that goods manufactured by him will conform to the drawings and specifications furnished by buyer. Where products are used and combined with other equipment or components not furnished by seller, buyer agrees to indemnify seller for all claims and expenses resulting from the use or incorporation into buyer’s products.
No express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for use is made except as provided herein.
Limited Liability
The seller’s liability shall be limited to twice the amount of the contract. The foregoing states seller’s entire and exclusive liability. In no event will seller e liable for consequential or special damages arising from any defect or use of his products.