CNC Swiss Machining, CNC Milling & Fabrication Specialists

Our products are made by highly skilled machinists using the latest technology. 

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What We Do

We design & fabricate custom products that provide solutions for our wide range of customers.

At Graycer we utilize a broad range of machining solutions with some of the most modern and up to date machinery in the area. We have continually expanded its capability by adding machine tools that allow us to produce a more complex product with less secondary handling. Parts that required several operations are now produced complete and ready to ship in one operation. Coupled with the fact that our machines are equipped with automatic bar loaders, we have the ability to run “lights out” and increase our productivity dramatically.

Precision Swiss Turning

Invented in Switzerland to make watch parts this process had undergone major changes in the last decade. With the advent of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control), these machines have become very versatile. Swiss machines are ideal for the manufacturing of small extremely precise parts. 

Milling Machines

Graycer has a large milling department that has evolved into a full service milling shop that can mill parts up to 40” long. We are able to produce part programs from a variety of CAD drawings. Indexers, 4th axis machines and pallet machines give our milling department the versatility needed to compete in today’s marketplace.

Specialty Machining

Over the past 60 years Graycer has earned a reputation for solving difficult machining problems. We can build attachments for existing machines or entire machines to produce your parts in the most economical manner.


Graycer can not only manufacture your products but we can also ship them to you in kits ready for assembly or fully assembled. We can assemble kits from other vendors as well, saving you the expense of purchasing all the individual items.

Process Planning

We review your purchase orders, drawings, specs and past history as a control measure, providing you with quality customer service. Before processing, each order goes through an engineering review. Process planning is crucial to anticipating and eliminating quality and manufacturing problems before they occur. Utilizing Group Technology, we run jobs of similar materials to reduce redundant setups which eliminates and decreases changeover time. Daily production meetings ensure that we deal with all issues on a timely basis, and provide you with on-time delivery.

Our experienced staff can offer design assistance and solution development for prototype and production quantities. Our tool-making department fabricates a variety of work-holding devices to optimize production for your specialized requirements. Where appropriate, we’ll even question specifications and make suggestions. We strive to make the component more manufacturable and lower your unit cost.