swiss turnPrecision Swiss Turning

Invented in Switzerland to make watch parts this process had undergone major changes in the last decade. With the advent of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control), these machines have become very versatile. Swiss machines are ideal for the manufacturing of small extremely precise parts. Modern machines can complete a multitude of operations on a part and drop it off virtually ready to ship. Coupled to automatic bar loaders these machine can run “lights out” for 24 hr operation. Our Swiss machines can machine parts from .020 to 1.260 in diameter and lengths up to 36 inches. If you need a supplier with the most modern and versatile equipment you need to talk to Graycer.

millingMilling Machines

Graycer has a large milling department that has evolved into a full service milling shop that can mill parts up to 40” long. We are able to produce part programs from a variety of CAD drawings. Indexers, 4th axis machines and pallet machines give our milling department the versatility needed to compete in today’s marketplace.

At Graycer we turn around quotations in hours not days. Most quotes go out in less than 24 hours.
If you’re looking for a supplier that delivers on time
from the first quote all the way to the finished part call Graycer.

Specialty Machining.

Over the past 50 years Graycer has earned a reputation for solving difficult machining problems. We can build attachments for existing machines or entire machines to produce your parts in the most economical manner.

Assemblies/ Kits

Graycer can not only manufacture your products but we can also ship them to you in kits ready for assembly
or fully assembled. We can assemble kits from other
vendors as well, saving you the expense of purchasing
all the individual items.

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